This is what a happy reunion looks like! Today the time had finally come: King Charles III. (74) has been officially appointed Regent of the United Kingdom! A few hours ago, people around the world looked to London to follow what was happening in Westminster Abbey. In addition to high-ranking guests, the Royal Family naturally also came to the church. It was a heartwarming reunion: Before the ceremony, Prince Harry (38) greeted his aunt Princess Anne (72) with a wide grin!

This is shown by the pictures from Westminster Abbey: together with Princess Eugenie (33) and her husband Jack Brooksbank (37), the 38-year-old took a seat in the third row. Shortly thereafter, Charles’ sister entered the church: As she made her way through the church, Anne stopped to smile and greet her nephew warmly, to which Harry responded with a big smile.

The happy reunion seems a bit surprising after the recent headlines: In an interview with CBC the 72-year-old hinted that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her brother to downsize the monarchy – adding that the suggestion was made when there were “a few more people”: “Well, I think the ‘slimming down’ of the monarchy was decided at a time when there were a few more people left to justify it.” Apparently, Harry didn’t blame his aunt for the nasty tip against him and his wife Meghan (41) …