Amanda Bynes’ (36) acquaintances have a terrible suspicion. The actress has made headlines in recent days with her health. The film star was spotted without clothes on the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday morning. A little later, the “She’s the Man” actress was admitted to a psychiatric ward. friends of amanda now suspect that she has been living on the streets for days.

People close to the 36-year-old said opposite TMZ assume that the actress has been wandering the streets of Los Angeles for several days. But how do you come to this assumption? amandas Car was towed in Long Beach on March 15 – about 40 miles from her home and 25 miles from the street where she was found on Sunday. The movie star’s acquaintances assume that amanda must have hitchhiked from Long Beach or used public transportation since then.

But it is still unclear whether there is any truth to the assumption. amandas ex-fiancé PaulMichael had just a few days ago in an interview Page Six tells that the actress stopped taking her medication. “And she still doesn’t take any medication”the former partner of the actress had emphasized.