Katharina Damm probably didn’t expect that! The YouTuber and her husband Leo have been a couple for 14 years. Last year they welcomed daughter Lorena into the world. The influencer keeps giving her followers insights into her everyday family life. So she took her fans with her at a very special moment – ​​and she can’t quite believe it herself. Katharina’s daughter Lorena is already crawling up a flight of stairs!

In your Instagramstory, Anna Maria Damm’s sister (26) shares a cute video of her daughter. The little one then mobilizes all her strength and daringly crawls up two steps of a small staircase! That can Catherine hardly believe yourself. “I was just shocked because she just easily walks up the stairs – crawling up them. What? Who taught you that?”the Internet star asks himself, totally amazed.

Little Lorena stops Catherine definitely on the go! However, this also has some effects on her love life. “You don’t have that much time for each other anymore,” she admitted a few months ago. However, their partnership is so solid that they can handle it well. “We are just overjoyed because our love has created such a sweet little creature”the fashion expert rejoiced.

Source: celebtap.com