What’s going on there? In November 2017, Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (38) announced their engagement. During the public appearance, all eyes were on the actress, who wore a sparkling three-diamond bling on her finger. After her engagement, the Duchess of Sussex had the ring changed – but now something doesn’t seem right because: Meghan was out without her engagement ring!

She dressed up while receiving the Women of the Vision award on Tuesday. In a tight, strapless gold dress, she cut a bombastic figure – but one small detail was missing. One looked in vain for her engagement ring on her ring finger, eh photos show the Daily Mail present. What was the reason?

A crisis with her Harry can probably be ruled out, because of course he accompanied his wife to the special occasion. Meghan gratefully accepted her award and also gave a short speech. “You can be the visionary of your own life. You can embark on a path of repeating what you do in your daily acts of service, kindness, intercession, grace and fairness.”declared the Duchess of Sussex.

Source: celebtap.com