Surely there are more pleasurable ways to commit suicide than to be eaten alive by a clearly psychopathic cannibal. But the main character of “Feed Me” chooses exactly this. Here’s the trailer:

The British horror farce “Feed Me” is inspired by the true case of German cannibal Armin Meiwes, sentenced to life imprisonment. The director and writer duo Adam Leader and Richard Oakes (“Hosts”) moved the action to England and only recounted the events quite frankly.

After being screened at various festivals in North America, Europe and Australia, the film will premiere in select US theaters in October 2022. In Germany, “Feed Me” will now be released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 28, 2023. Both formats with pending FSK-18 approval are already available for pre-order from online providers such as Amazon:

“Feed Me” on Blu-ray and DVD at Amazon*

“Feed Me” isn’t the first movie to retell the chilling story of the so-called “Rotenburg Cannibal.” The most famous of these films is undoubtedly “Rohtenburg” with “The Pianist” star Thomas Kretschmann. In addition, Marian Dora’s “Cannibal”, Ulli Lommel’s “Diary Of A Cannibal” and Rosa von Praunheim’s “Your heart in my brain” worked on the case.

“Feed Me”: That’s what it’s all about

Jed Freeman (Christopher Mulvin) is desperate. Because after the unexpected death of his beloved wife Olivia (Samantha Loxley), it feels like the rug has been pulled from under him. Plagued by guilt, he falls into a deep depression and indulges in alcohol unrestrained.

At a bar, Jed meets the wayward Lionel Flack (Neal Ward). Over a few drinks, the two start talking. Lionel openly reveals himself to his counterpart as a cannibal.

With his unusual charm, he convinces his new acquaintance that he will only find peace of mind if he dies himself. The most effective way would supposedly be to die in the most cruel way. For example, by letting him eat little by little…

The cast of “Feed Me”

The two protagonists of “Feed Me” are apparently played fearlessly and with great physical effort by Christopher Mulvin from “The Point Of No Return” and “Lore” and Neal Ward (“Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead”).

Other parts include Hannah Al Rashid from The Night Comes For Us and SV/H/S, Samantha Loxley (Hosts) and Clare Almond. The latter plays the cannibal’s mother here and had a small appearance in the Oscar film “The Darkest Hour”.

Despite gnawed fingers and slit throat, this cannibal movie is something completely different: German trailer for “Bones And All”

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