Paul Schrader (“The Card Counter”) is one of the most important American filmmakers of the past 50 years. Now he’s sent a few words to “The Last Of Us” – and dished it out against the critically acclaimed Episode 3 in the process, too.

Paul Schrader is known for being outspoken. Ultimately, this also meant that for many years he was considered persona non grata in the film industry and was regularly stripped of control over the final cut of his films. Schrader had a decisive influence on New Hollywood cinema with his scripts for “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull”, and then as a director himself with “Blue Collar”, “Hardcore”, “A Man for Certain Hours” or “cat people”. to attract a lot of attention.

In the meantime, however, Paul Schrader has been able to rehabilitate and improve his reputation. With “First Reformed”, for which he even received an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay in 2019, and “The Card Counter”, which the author of these lines considers the best film of 2022, Schrader was able to remind that he was not only a difficult personality, but is also an excellent filmmaker. But now Schrader is worried about some pretty snappy statements about the critically acclaimed HBO series.The last of uscaused a stir.

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Paul Schrader hands out

In a Facebook post, Paul Schrader revealed his first taste of The Last Of Us video game adaptation. And as the filmmaker points out, it’s not exactly fun for Fancy: “‘You have to see that,’ said a friend. ‘But,’ I replied, ‘it’s a zombie show.’ “Yeah,” they replied, “but it’s really tasty!” So I checked it out. Sure, 35 minutes into the first episodes, zombies were limping down the street. So I switched off. “But you should watch Episode 3,” my friend countered. So I did. It was a dirty euthanasia melodrama about two gay men (at least there were no undead). What am I missing?

Anyone who follows Paul Schrader on Facebook knows that the man can land some pretty brutal low blows when he doesn’t particularly like something. On the other hand, he can also write with euphoria about films and series that have touched his heart. In the case of The Last Of Us, however, Schrader – unlike most – seems completely unimpressed. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that there will also be a certain polemic involved. Especially at a time when “The Last Of Us” is celebrated almost across the board and episode 3 is already considered one of the best series episodes of the year for many viewers.

The special thing about the third episode “The Last Of Us” is that it describes the coexistence of two men who come together in a surprising way during the zombie apocalypse and discover their love for themselves. The characters also existed in the video game template, but the series not only builds on their personalities, but also gives them a completely new story that – if you’re not Paul Schrader – goes straight to the heart. Not least because it stands out from the overall picture of the actual plot, but still gives it a new facet without trying.

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