was heikos Decision understandable? The plant breeder hopes that Bauer is looking for Frau International to find his better half. He had invited three of his applicants to get to know each other better in his adopted home of La Palma. But he sent one of them home on the very first day. Thomas had to go – Basti and Sebastian were allowed to stay. How did this decision go down with the fans?

Like from one celebrity flash-Opinion poll [Stand 2. Mai, 14:30 Uhr] emerges, the majority is with heikos choice satisfied. 83.3 percent of the participants found: “It just didn’t work out with Thomas.” On the other hand, 16.7 percent stated that they were very impressed by the man from Baden-Württemberg. On Twitter However, some users were of the opinion that none of the three candidates was particularly promising. “How can they all have a good feeling?” Asked a viewer after the individual dates. Another wrote: “The La Palma constellation doesn’t fit at all – a triple use of the toilet.”

Apparently Basti had the most jitters before his one-to-one conversation. The fashion photographer wanted to make it clear that he’s looking for a monogamous relationship and that he’s demisexual. “Demisexuality means that I can only have sex in a partnership and only when feelings and emotions are involved.”he explained on the show.

Source: celebtap.com