Gigi Hadid (27) stands behind her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik (30). The model was with the singer for about six years, with intermittent breaks in relationships. In 2021 they had a daughter together – but the relationship broke up. Rumors surfaced last week that the former One Direction member was dating Selena Gomez, 30. Gigi now allegedly emphasized that it is okay for her if zayn and selena to date

An insider now reported to the British magazine Us Weeklythat gigi supporting her daughter’s father to find a new love. “Gigi has no problem with that at all zayn dates as long as he’s happy and balanced”, the source also explained. The most important thing, however, is that he continues to be a good father to the two-year-old daughter Khai, “then it’s okay for her that he goes out with whoever.”

gigi is said to have had a celebrity affair since last year – the 27-year-old probably dated actor Leonardo DiCaprio (48). Actually, it was said that the love affair was already over. But gigi and Leonardo only spent a night together again in mid-March.