What Happened To Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick, When Will It be Used Again?

What Happened To Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick, When Will It be Used Again?

Wrestlers are known not only for the strength and endurance with which they hit and endure setbacks from their opponents in the ring, but also for their gimmicks, which are the embodiment of their whole personality for their professional life. While for some this may be as commonplace as their costume, fighting style, or the theme of their ring entrance, for others we are meant to believe that it goes beyond the ordinary, and this is where Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick comes in.

Find out what Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick is all about, what happened to him, why he’s not appearing as such again, and when he’s likely to be used again.

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What is the Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick?

Finn Balor assumes two different and interesting personalities when he is out for a fight. Either as his normal self or as the Demon King, who is normally reserved for high-profile fights.

What Happened To Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick, When Will It be Used Again?
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The Demon King costume of Finn Balor consists of an elaborate paint job on his body, which supposedly makes him more powerful when he taps the demon’s unique powers at the dark place of his mind. It has been repeatedly observed that he gains a psychological advantage over his opponents and fights more aggressively when he assumes the identity of the Demon King.

For some he is nothing more than body paint, for others he is much more than what the eyes see, considering how he becomes unbeatable and struggles as if he were another human being. Well, yes, he becomes a different person, because we are supposed to understand that the demon in his darker side is taking the better part of him.

What Happened To Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick?

The first time wrestling enthusiasts saw Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick in NXT, it was wild, powerful, and seemed to be something extraordinary; probably an alien. The fans went into ecstasy, and the media fueled the euphoria with reports of the new act in NXT, and questions began to flood in about who the act was. Answers were then given to their joy and appreciation, which caused the Demon King’s fan base to skyrocket.

The last time we saw Finn Balor use this gimmick was during his SummerSlam game against Seth Rollins in 2016, which ended in a victory and in which the Demon King has crowned the first WWE Universal Champion in the company’s history. In the same match, Finn Balor suffered a shoulder injury that kept him out of the game for months and eventually forced him to forfeit the title.

After his prolonged absence from wrestling and especially from Demon King while nursing his shoulder injury, losing the title, and not making a comeback, his fans and wrestling enthusiasts began to ask: “What happened to Finn Balor’s Demon King gimmick and why haven’t they seen it lately?

What Happened To Finn Balor’s Demon King Gimmick, When Will It be Used Again?
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Nonetheless, in an interview granted to news.com.au’s Adam Santarossa while promoting WWE’s 2017 Australian tour, Finn revealed that the Demon King gimmick is something that is called for on special occasions (big fights) to help him take the darker path of his personality and inspire him to defeat his opponent. In addition, he said that since returning to RAW after his injury, one match has not yet justified the Demon King’s appearance in the ring.

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At the moment, Finn is still fighting in his usual style, powerful and brutal, also in an impressive way and enjoying his time whenever he is out there in the ring.

When Will It be Used Again?

It seems that if you use the gimmick of the Demon King only once in a blue moon affair, it helps to maintain his potency. So many people have asked when the gimmick of the Demon King of Finn Balor will be used again, without the wrestler having given an answer.

However, if one draws a conclusion from the above paragraphs, in which we reported that he reserves the gimmick exclusively for “special occasions”, one can conclude that the gimmick of Finn Balor’s Demon King will be used in his next big fight. Probably at the SummerSlam in August 2018 or at one of the other WWE pay-per-view exclusive events like the SummerSlam, the Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble, and/or WrestleMania.

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