Paul Janke (41) and Antonia (23) spend a lot of time together. In the current episode of Battle of the Reality Stars, the candidates got to know each other. So far it seems as if the troop harmonize and get along well with each other. But with two contenders for the title, the sparks will probably fly: Ex-Bachelor Paul and Antonia can’t keep their eyes off each other and are really looking for closeness to each other!

In the first few minutes after arriving in the sala, the former Bauer sucht Frau candidate couldn’t stop raving about the Bachelor in Paradise bartender: “Paul is the epitome of the German man. So [er ist] the German womanizer.” In addition, the former lady-in-waiting made a nervous impression, so she asked Paul directly because of the heat whether he wanted to undress. After she had understood what she had just said, she could only shake her head in embarrassment and laugh.

The former Rosenkavalier probably liked that very much. “I have to admit, I found her very likeable in the summer house too”, he admitted in a one-on-one interview. In addition, the two are said to have vacationed together in Mallorca after filming the show. However, a few days ago they stressed opposite Picturethat they are just good friends. It remains to be seen whether they just don’t want to reveal their possible secret before the broadcast or whether they are actually not a couple.