Rebecca Mir (31) shares against her haters! In 2011, the native of Aachen achieved fame throughout Germany with her participation in Germany’s next top model. In the meantime, she is not only a sought-after model, but also works as a presenter. The TV star is always envied by his fans for his well-trained body – but every now and then there is also criticism. Now sit down Rebecca Fight back against body shaming online!

On Instagram the 31-year-old reports that she was repeatedly criticized in her previous post because of her allegedly too small butt. “Fortunately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I felt very comfortable in my own skin, especially on the evening when the video was made. Yes, my bum is small, but I’m absolutely satisfied with myself and feel very comfortable“, counters the mother of a son. Rebecca I don’t understand how people can wish for more reality and body positivity online while criticizing others for their shape and looks.

However, the model does not let the criticism get you down. “How can something on a butt be right or wrong? Who defines that? Can I read about that somewhere?” Rebecca towards their haters. Her husband Massimo Sinató (42) is certain: his loved one is the most beautiful for him either way. “I love you and your butt forever”the professional dancer comments on the post.