He must be behind her! Anna Ermakova (22) has been enchanting Let’s Dance fans since week one. The daughter of Boris Becker (55) and her dance partner Valentin Lusin (36) have already given great performances – they even got full points for their tango to “Oops!…I Did It Again”. The otherwise strict juror Joachim Llambi (58) speaks in the highest terms about the beauty. But he doesn’t seem to be the only one building them up with words. Anna got a visit from her boyfriend!

How Picture wants to know, the young model is said to have received moral support from London. Anna’s boyfriend is said to have traveled from the capital of England to spend a few days with her in Cologne. The beauty is currently living in a hotel in the German city to prepare for the “Let’s Dance” shows. The two have been a couple for about four years.

In April 2019, they were caught cooing for the first time. Who exactly the man at annas site is, but is not known. Neither on her social media profile nor on “Let’s Dance” does the Russian-born beauty address her loved one. But things seem to be serious between them.

Source: celebtap.com