Who are The SiAngie Twins, How Old Are They, What Are They Known For?

Who are The SiAngie Twins, How Old Are They, What Are They Known For?

If the name Sianney Garcia is well known to you, then you probably also know about the twin duo SiAngie Twins. They became popular in 2012 after they launched their YouTube channel. The adorable twins have become one of the best in music and rap in the modern world. They are known for songs like “After School” and “Butterflies”, which were released on their YouTube channel.

In 2014, the twins released their first EP entitled “My All”, a massive success that put them further into the spotlight. There is so much to know about the SiAngie twins, apart from their appearance on social media. In trying to find out more about them, several questions are answered. Starting with the most frequently asked questions:

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Who are the SiAngie Twins? How Old Are They?

They are a music duo consisting of the twins Sianney Garcia and Angelise Garcia. They were born on April 25, 2001, in Philadelphia and are of Puerto Rican descent. The SiAngie twins are younger sisters of the popular boxer and former two-time world heavyweight champion, Danny Garcia, who is known for his record-breaking performances in the ring.

Who are The SiAngie Twins, How Old Are They, What Are They Known For?
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As she grew up, Sianney was interested in gymnastics, but gradually shifted her focus to music. She began to devote herself more to hip-hop and rap. It seemed that they were predestined to be musicians; like her sister, Angie began singing at a very young age. Although she took part in gymnastics like her sister, her interest in music soon outweighed her interest in sports. Sianney performed for the first time together with her sister Angelise at her brother’s engagement.

After a stunning performance, Sianney and her sister were encouraged by many, especially her big brother, to pursue a music career, which they did. They eventually formed a music group called SiAnge Twins. They set up a YouTube channel in 2011 and released their first video ‘Drake – Shot For Me Cover 10 yr old Angelise Garcia’, which featured only Angelise. In July 2013 the twins uploaded another video to the channel “Siangie Twins – After School”, which this time featured both sisters. From there the twins gradually rose to popularity.

What Are They Known For?

Although their paths would have led them into the world of sports, the SiAngie Twins had a quick penchant for music and were known as musicians in the entertainment industry. Sianney and Angelise aka Siangie Twins are hip-hop and rap duo.

They are best known for the app lip-sync musical.ly, which has over 138 thousand subscribers who are die-hard fans of their lip-synced videos. Angelise sang the national anthem in April 2013 in the presence of thousands of people in Brooklyn New York.

Who are The SiAngie Twins, How Old Are They, What Are They Known For?
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The twins became famous after the release of their hit single Butterflies in 2014, the same year they released their debut single After School. Also in 2014, the two outstanding twins released their debut EP My All. After their rise to prominence, the twins began to attract the attention of entertainment industry stakeholders. They once appeared in a TV commercial for the Forman Mills brand. They are also well known on social media. The Twins have a large fan base on the Instagram platform with over 1 million followers.

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The SiAngie twins are gradually approaching the sensational fame of their older brother Danny Garcia. Danny stands on a high pedestal in the world of boxing, thanks to his unparalleled skills in the ring. The famous boxer has a record of a 32-0 victory in all 32 fights, with 18 wins being a total knockout. In 2016, he held the WBC welterweight title and has also won the WBA Super, WBC, and Ringmagazin light-welterweight titles. The world champion in welterweight is said to have been the one who really encouraged his little sisters to get into music after watching and weighing their interests.

Their Net Worth

It may seem too early to calculate the net worth of this extraordinary musical duo, but the idea that the twins are heading for greater heights cannot be ignored. The duo was featured on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 on July 3, 2017, when their elaborate party for the 16th anniversary of their birth.

It was indeed a memorable birthday, as it was celebrated by celebrity entertainers, including Fat Joe, who gave a stunning performance. So much is expected of the Siangie twins, whose talents have been widely recognized.

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