Who Is Allison Wardle And Where Is She Now?
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Allison Wardle is not a famous person, in fact, she became famous after Canadian actor, producer, and photographer Graham Wardle exchanged vows with her.

Because Wardle avoids the paparazzi, her personal life has aroused the interest of many followers. In this article, we take an in-depth look at her private life and relationship status.

Alison Wardle Physical Appearance

Being married to a celebrity, the discreet Alison Wardle has kept her life quiet. She doesn’t even have a social media account, which is quite shocking in this age of social media.

Alison is a white woman born in the United States and raised in British Columbia. Unfortunately, due to her secretive behavior, little is known about her life.

Who Is Allison Wardle And Where Is She Now?
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Allison Wardle’s Height

In terms of height, Allison Wardle is approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall or 157 cm tall. Her ex-husband Graham Wardle is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Allison Wardle’s Size

Apart from this information, there is not much information about her physical dimensions or weight. However, she has beautiful curves and a slim build.

Allison Wardle’s Appearance

In addition, based on the photos of Allison available on the internet, she has a pale complexion, hazel eyes, and brown hair, which make her look beautiful.

Allison Wardle also has a nice, bright smile that can please anyone, and it also complements her demeanor.

Allison Wardle Age

Allison Wardle does not look old, and because of her bubbly nature, she is believed to be around thirty.

Allison Wardle Full Bio

  • What is her Full Name? Allison Wardle
  • What is her Nickname? Allison
  • Her Ethnicity? Caucasian
  • Her Birthplace? United States of America
  • Her Nationality? Canadian
  • Her Religion? Christianity
  • Her Hobby? Photography
  • Is She Straight? Yes
  • What is her Height? 157.49 cm, 5’2” ft
  • What is her Hair and Eye Color? Brown
  • Husband’s Name? Graham Wardle (2015-2018)
  • Her Marital Status? Divorced
  • What is her Net Worth? $3 million

How Much Is Allison Wardle’s Net Worth?

Her husband Graham once revealed that his wife Allison Wardle was a professional photographer and had certain skills in the art of photography.

According to her ex-husband, she is talented and even has a strong eye for photography. Graham has occasionally posted some of her work on his social media accounts.

Allison Wardle’s net worth is estimated at USD 3 million, the same as her husband Graham Wardle.

Who Is Allison Wardle Husband?

Graham Wardle is known to people for his famous roles in CBC series such as Heartland and films such as The Vessel, which he produced with an old friend.

Since 2007, he has been a series regular on Heartland. His role in the drama has won him millions of fans.

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Graham starred alongside one of his stunning leads, Amber Marshall, who portrayed Amy Fleming, as the backstage spouse.

Their on-screen chemistry was strong enough to make them the audience’s favorite duo.

Although Graham Wardle is best known for his starring role in Heartland, he has a wide range of interests outside drama, such as photography, film-making, and charity work.

He starred in two drama episodes of the popular American TV series Supernatural.

Graham Wardle has appeared in several notable TV series including The New Addams Family and Life as We Know It.

He also starred in the film “Womanland”, alongside Kristen Stewart, Meg Ryan, and Adam Brody. He has other talents as well as this.

Graham Wardle has also written a book. In his book “Find Your Truth”, Wardle recounts events throughout his life, revealing his feelings and experiences.

In addition, the book also contains some of his stunning photographs. The book is accompanied by an autographed portrait of Wardle, which is a great gift for his fans.

Proceeds from the book go to Sophie’s Place, a renowned child development center in British Columbia, Canada.

Alison Wardle and Graham Wardle were married in an intimate wedding in 2015 attended by only a few family members and friends.

Graham Wardle and Alison have no children and have never said they plan to have children in the future.

How Did Allison Wardle And Graham Wardle Separate?

According to sources, it seems that the couple has divorced. The reason for their separation is still unknown, but it happened and was finalized in 2018.

Who Is Allison Wardle And Where Is She Now?

Their marriage lasted for only three years, however, the couple had disagreements and could not get along.

Opening Up In Facebook Live Session

It was Graham Wardle who first came forward and revealed the divorce in 2020 on his podcast, which he produces in Facebook Live sessions.

He started a Q&A session with his fans, and in this session, one of the fans asked about the status of his relationship with the couple.

To which Wardle replied, “I am gonna be honest guys, and I have kept my personal life private for a while now.”

Graham told how he and Allison Wardle went their separate ways. He stated that this is why he keeps his personal life private on social media.

He also stated that he kept those things private because he wanted to take a break from the situation, and he was doing everything he could to make space.

In the comments section, his supporters reacted positively to his openness. Some people said that he was brave enough to share this intimate information with his fans.

Graham Wardle has already deleted all photos and memories with his ex-wife Alison Wardle.

However, several tweets about his wife can still be found on his account.

Where Is Allison Wardle Now?

Allison Wardle is a really great photographer and travel enthusiast from Canada. She is currently out of the limelight and keeps her life very quiet.

Allison Wardle has continued to keep a low profile for many years while married to successful actor Graham Wardle.