Who Is Archie Miller? His Wife, Family, Facts About The Basketball Coach
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People have had many reasons to appreciate Archie Miller, but the man is probably most admired for his coaching philosophy. The Beaver County Sports Hall of Famer comes from a family that has had a passion for basketball for several decades. Beyond the basic facts in Miller’s biography, let’s learn more about his family and other facts.

Who Is Archie Miller?

Ryan Joseph Archie Miller, best known as the head coach of college basketball, has played the game, albeit not at a professional level. He was born on October 30, 1978, in Beaver Fall, Pennsylvania, and at the time of writing this article is the head coach of the men’s basketball team Hoosiers at the University of Indiana. He assumed this position sometime in March 2017.

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Before he began coaching the Hoosiers, he was the head coach of the University of Dayton’s Flyers for a long time. As head of the men’s basketball team from 2011 to 2017, Archie Miller was able to turn the team’s fortunes around forever. His influence was so strong that he was named Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year in 2015. Although Dayton’s Flyers training program was his first chance as head coach, this was not the beginning of his coaching career.

Who Is Archie Miller? His Wife, Family, Facts About The Basketball Coach
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As far as we know, he started as an assistant coach with the Hilltoppers at Western Kentucky University. That was in 2003, and soon he moved on to the Wolfpacks at North Carolina State University and then to the Sun Devils at Arizona State University, from where he moved to Ohio State. Later he served with the Wildcats of the University of Arizona from 2009 to 2011.

Archie’s romance with basketball has been traced back to his high school days. It is known that his father, John Miller, coached the Blackhawk High School team and that Archie and his brother Sean Miller both played for their father. The head coach of the Hoosiers alluded to the fact that he learned most of his coaching doctrine from John.

When Archie Miller was about to transfer to college, he settled at North Carolina State University and eventually graduated from that institution with a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. Apart from that, he played for the wolf pack and was able to compile statistics that were among the top 10 in the team’s history. Archie was a playmaker for the wolf pack and his performance earned him a place on the ACC Championship All-Tournament Team.

His Wife And Family

As already mentioned, the family of this coach lives for basketball. His father John Miller was a high school coach and his brother Sean is the head coach of the University of Arizona men’s basketball team – the Arizona Wildcats. Like Archie, Sean has a good college career as a basketball player. From 1987 to 1992 he was an outstanding point guard for the Panthers at the University of Pittsburgh. While Sean flourished as a B-ball player in college, he achieved more as a coach. Among other accomplishments, he was named Pac-12 Coach of the Year three times.

Who Is Archie Miller? His Wife, Family, Facts About The Basketball Coach
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It didn’t stop at father and sons, even Archie Miller’s sister Lisa Miller took the game seriously. Like her brothers, she also played Division I college basketball.

Archie’s time as a basketball player in the wolf pack at NC State was to be an unforgettable time in his life. The coach met the woman we now know as his wife at the university. Records show that Morgan Nicole Cruse Miller was a member of the school’s athletics team. She and Archie began dating while still in college and eventually became life partners sometime in 2003. Their union was blessed with a daughter whom they named Leah Grace, she was born in 2004.

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Facts About The Basketball Coach

1. Even though this coach is known as Archie, his real name is Ryan Joseph Miller. Archie is just a nickname that stuck. It is said that he earned the name after the American television series “All in the Family” from the 1970s. Apparently, his behavior resembled that of Archie Bunker, a character from the series.

2. According to reports, his mother is said to have said: “Oh my God! Red again?” she said when she learned that her son had been named head coach of the Hoosiers of Indiana. She was referring to the color of the team; most of the teams that have trained their sons are mostly dressed in red.

3. Like Archie, his brother Sean and her father John are the Beaver County Sports Hall of Famers.

4. Archie and his brother were on the coaching staff of the U19 World Basketball Championship in the USA. Sean was the head coach, and he brought Archie on the team to help him train the team. The brothers also trained together in Arizona.

5. Sean is the role model for Archie.