Who Is Chad Daniels? His Wife, Kids, Family, Biography

Who Is Chad Daniels? His Wife, Kids, Family, Biography

He’s not quite mainstream yet (Hollywood doesn’t seem to bother him much), but Chad Daniels is a comedian you have to watch out for. He has been present on the scene since the 90s and has achieved some remarkable successes. Daniels has appeared in some late-night shows like that of Conan O’Brien. Here is what he found out about the not so well-known but well known Chad Daniels.

Biography – Who Is Chad Daniels?

According to his About page on his self-titled website, Chad Daniels is a writer, performer, and comedian. Daniels was born on March 2, 1975, in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

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Information about his early childhood and upbringing is not immediately available, but we have listened to his jokes, and Daniels seems to be one of those silly class clowns that everyone thought he was most likely to fail in life. Well, failure might have happened if Daniels had chosen a staff job, but he knew better than to pursue a career that would put him in a suit all week, and luckily the world is a happier place.

Who Is Chad Daniels? His Wife, Kids, Family, Biography
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Records show that Chad Daniels started performing in 1998 at the age of 23. Like most successful comedians in the world today, Daniels began his career at the Open Mic Nights of the ACME Comedy Company. Thanks to the valuable tips of the company owner Louis Lee, Chad Daniels quickly became a darling of the public, so that the demand for his works became more and more.

At the same time, Daniels began performing at the Westward Ho Comedy Club in Grand Forks, North Dakota. In 2003, he brought his talent to the Comedy Central Comedy Competition Laugh Riots and became a finalist. The following year Daniels’ talent began to take him abroad, first to Canada, where he performed at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Since then he has returned to the country many times.

Shortly after the premiere of Comedy Central’s new show Live and Gotham in July 2006, Chad Daniels became one of the up-and-coming comedians to perform at the show. Two years later, in 2008, he earned a spot on Comedy Central Presents, the station’s most important half-hour program. He was a writer.

2009 seemed to be the year of breakthrough for Chad Daniels. His talent impressed legendary late-night presenter Conan O’Brien so much that he invited him to his show, making him one of 13 comedians who appeared on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

In the same year, he released his album Busy Being Awesome and received the City Pages Artist of the Year Award. Other late-night shows that have used his services include The Late Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and the syndicated radio show The Bob & Tom Show.

Chad Daniels was the winner of the 2012 Gilda Laughfest along with the $10,000 prize money. He was awarded the Aspen Comedy Festival’s “Comics Comic” prize. In 2012, Daniels released a one-hour Special As Is and his third comedy album You’re the Best. In 2014 his fourth comedy album Natural Selection reached #7 on the Billboard Comedy Album Chart, while his fifth album Footprints on the Moon (2017) was even more successful, reaching #2. Footprints on the Moon” became one of the most played comedy albums on Pandora in 2017.

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Chad Daniels continues to tour the country and occasionally performs abroad.

His Family, Wife, and Kids

Who Is Chad Daniels? His Wife, Kids, Family, Biography

If you are a fan of Chad Daniels, you know very well that the comedian often involves his wife and children in his comedies, usually making fun of the former and talking to the latter about his parental skills. The wife of Chad Daniels is named Traci, and we found her on IG with the handle tralyb.

Who Is Chad Daniels? His Wife, Kids, Family, Biography

It is not known when they were married, but the couple met in the fifth grade and now have at least two children together, including a boy named Isaac, who seems to be the oldest, and a daughter who Daniels is particularly fond of, given the frequency with which he reports about her in the social media. Chad once revealed during one of his performances that his wife has a Ph.D. in genetics.

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