Who is Elena Anaya? 6 Important Facts You Should Know About the Actress

Who is Elena Anaya? 6 Important Facts You Should Know About the Actress

Sex and Lucia, The Skin I Live In, Van Helsing, and Wonder Woman… if you have seen these films, you definitely know who Elena Anaya is, an experienced actress who comes from Spain. She has been working in the film industry since the mid-1990s. Her role as the female villain Isabel Maru alias Dr. Poison in Wonder Woman (2017) received positive reviews and renewed the interest of many people in her, which made many wonder who Elena Anaya really is. Follow us as we unveil 6 important facts you should know about the actress.

Who is Elena Anaya? – 6 Facts You Should Know

1. Her interest in acting began when she was 17 years old

Elena was born on July 17, 1975, in Palencia, Spain, and was already very energetic as a child. As a result, she began to take an interest in karate and mountaineering and performed excellently in both. For 15 years of her life, she practiced Shotokan-Karate. As she grew, however, she developed an interest in acting and decided to direct her energy towards a career in show business.

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At the age of 17, Elena began to take acting lessons at a school in her hometown, which belonged to the actor Manuel Moron. Later she moved to Madrid and began attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Madrid. With the help of her acting coach Moron, Elena got to know a role in África (1996), for which she had successfully applied, and thus began her professional acting career.

Who is Elena Anaya? 6 Important Facts You Should Know About the Actress
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2. Her first ever big break came in the 2001 Spanish film Sex and Lucia

Elena Anaya’s breakthrough did not come quite so quickly, but over the years she came closer and closer to her breakthrough. For the rest of the ’90s, she played a supporting role in many films, including Fernando Leon de Aranoa’s Familia and Las huellas borradas (1999).

In 2001 she starred in the film Sexuell explicit and Lucia alias Lucía y el Sexo, which astonished the critics. For this role, she received the first award in her career – a Spanish actors’ union for the best supporting role in a film. She was also nominated for the Goya Award for best-supporting actress.

Elena then made a trip to Holywood in 2004, where she appeared as Dracula’s seductive wife in Van Helsing. Thanks to her earlier efforts and her performance in Van Helsing, Elena was included in the list of Shooting Stars of European films by European Film Promotion. Her next big hit will be the erotic film Room in Rome in 2010. She played the leading role opposite Antonio Banderas in The Skin I Live In (2011).

3. She appeared in Justin Timberlake’s music video for Sexy Back

Elena is known for her incredible sex appeal and captures intense love scenes in her film. These qualities made her the perfect model for Justin Timberlake’s music video for his song Sexy Back, in which she played the role of a spy. The video was shot for 4 days in Barcelona, Spain, and the result was a critically acclaimed video that was played constantly on music video channels.

4. She has been in two long-term relationships with a couple of fellow celebrities.

Yes! Elena Anaya is the dream woman of many men, and she has fulfilled the dreams of some of them, including Spanish actor Gustavo Salmerón, known for his roles in Desaliñada (2001) and Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle (2017).

5. Elena is bisexual.

Given the roles she likes to play, one cannot help but speculate that Elena is a highly sexually active individual, so it was no surprise when it became known that she is bisexual. Her role as a lesbian in Room in Rome 2010 gave fans much reason to speculate about her sexuality.

Who is Elena Anaya? 6 Important Facts You Should Know About the Actress
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Her first lesbian relationship to come to light was with film director Beatriz Sanchís. Photos of her kisses were published in the Spanish tabloid magazine Cuore in August 2011. It later became known that the two had become a topic of discussion since 2008. Their relationship lasted until 2013 when they ended it.

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This was followed by the costume designer Tina Afugu Cordero. The news that Elena is pregnant with her child appeared on the news in August 2016. Elena was a carrier of the pregnancy (see picture above), which was conceived by artificial insemination. In August 2017 she gave birth to her son Lorenzo.

6. She has a sister who is also into entertainment.

Elena has a sister, Marina, who is a painter and sculptor. She has worked as an art and costume director in several films. Elena is the youngest child in a family of three.

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