Erik Lomis’ wife, Laucella, is currently the President of Legal and Business Affairs at Lionsgate, a major film and television production company.

While her name may not be well known, it becomes clear that she fiercely supports Erik Lomis’s career and endeavors throughout his life.

She was devoted and often stood by his side on many occasions. Sadly, he passed away on March 22, 2023 – a tragic event for the entire movie industry.

Before that, the two had been married for some time and blessed with three children. Her devotion to him will always be exemplary.

Many knew about the huge impact Erik Lomis had on his colleagues and admirers, but few were prepared for his unexpected passing, as they still couldn’t believe that their idol had left this world.

There was an outpouring of love from them on social media with tributes and prayers for his family.

As Laucella Lomis begins to struggle with her loss, she asked for respect and privacy during this difficult time.

Despite her great grief, she remains a successful executive in the entertainment industry and an inspiration to countless people during these uncertain times.

Children of Erik Lomis and Laucella

Eric Lomis, the late studio album executive, and his wife, Laucella, the president of legal and corporate affairs, share three children.

His father surrounded his children after he passed away on Wednesday: Natalia Jovovich, Nicole Rose Lomis and Zach Lomis.

The parents never disclosed any private information about their children and chose to keep a low profile.

Many people prefer to keep their information private from the media and other sources and dislike being reported on.

Therefore, the public never knew anything about Erik’s children.

Who is Patricia Laucella?

Patricia Laucella is a well-known entertainment executive and legal specialist who has established herself in the industry.

Being the wife of Erik Lomis, a famous film producer and executive, she has supported his career.

Laucella currently serves as Lionsgate’s President of Legal and Business Affairs. Lionsgate is a major film and television production company.

In this role, she owns the company’s legal and business operations, such as distribution arrangements, talent negotiation, intellectual property management, and executing corporate transactions.

Her broad knowledge and expertise have made her an essential asset to the company.

Laucella served as Executive Vice President of Business Activities at CBS Films; she was responsible for handling the legal and business activities of the company’s film division before joining Lionsgate in 2017.

She has also held several jobs in legal and corporate affairs for several major entertainment companies, including DreamWorks SKG and Warner Bros.

Erik Lomis’s wife, Laucella, built an impressive career and achieved great success.

She is also known for her ability to negotiate complex agreements and navigate the dynamic environment of the entertainment industry.

Laucella has a reputation as a smart businessman who can get things done because of her experience and understanding.