Who is Erwin Bach? His Relationship with Tina Turner, Biography
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It is known that people achieve fame through various means in life, some through sports, some through the music industry, and some through acting in movies and television, but Erwin Bach, a music producer with an actor, became famous through his controversial marriage to the queen of rock and roll, Tina Turner, in 2013.

Who is Erwin Bach? Biography

Erwin Bach, the talented music producer who became popular through her marriage to the singer and songwriter Tina Turner, was born on January 24, 1956, in Cologne, Germany. His nationality is German, while his ethnicity is European. Information about Erwin’s parents and siblings is still difficult to access, but his star sign is Aquarius.

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The music producer and actor began his career producing music and also worked as the managing director of a record company. In addition to his career in the music industry, he switched to acting and has performed in Maldito Amar: Demasiado, 60 Minutes, and Oprah’s Next Chapter. Erwin Bach has acted as managing director of EMI Recorded Music Switzerland and also promoted the careers of groundbreaking acts such as Manu Chaos and Radiohead.

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Several of today’s major artists owe their success to the long-time director of a record label. Artists in this category include Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Queen, and his wife Tina. Although the singer was already famous before she met Erwin, the music producer nevertheless contributed to her later success in her career.

Erwin Bach’s Relationship with Tina Turner

Erwin Bach is known to be the second husband of the Queen of Rock’n’Roll Tina Turner. The celebrity couple closed the wedding in July 2013 after 27 years of dating. The wedding, which took place on the shores of Lake Zurich in Switzerland, was a great affair.

A few days after their wedding, they held a big star-studded party in their house on the lakeside, to which 120 guests were invited. Among the 120 guests were well-known personalities like Giorgio Armani, Oprah Winfrey, Eros Ramazzotti, David Bowie, and Sade.

The place of the wedding ceremony was decorated with 70,000 yellow and red roses, which were brought all the way from Holland. The dress code was a black tie for men and white and beige for women. The bride wore a beautiful dress designed by Giorgio Armani. In anticipation of a pleasant celebration, the newlyweds apologized in advance to the neighbors and other residents for any noise they might make.

Who is Erwin Bach? His Relationship with Tina Turner, Biography
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Erwin Bach and Tina Turner first met in 1985. At first, they were just friends, but after a few months, they finally started dating. Their affair, which lasted 27 years, was always in the public eye, possibly because of the great age difference of 16 years between the couple. The couple’s marriage proved the saying that true love does not mean discrimination by age or race. Their marriage is not blessed with offspring, although Tina has two sons – Craig, who is the fruit of the relationship Tina had with the late saxophonist Raymond Hill in 1958, and Ronald, who is her only descendant from her former husband Ike Turner.

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Tina’s marriage to Erwin marks her second marriage, her first journey into marriage was with the late Ike Turner, whom Tina considered a 14-year fleeting relationship. It is no wonder that Tina was reluctant to enter into the covenant with Erwin earlier because she was suspicious of the restrictions that marriage entails. This could be the possible reason why the affair lasted for 27 years before the couple decided to do something about it. According to Tina, if you have love and a good life, you don’t need to get involved. Marriage to some people means possession, which is an abomination for Tina and can be the beginning of the end of a good relationship.

When asked why they have a long-term relationship, Tina answered that neither of them feels the need to marry. She also said that they already have what marriage will give them and that marriage is about pleasing the public, why to please the public if they are already satisfied. Despite the big age difference, Erwin and Tina have been living in marital bliss since their wedding in 2013 and there are no signs of difficulties in their paradise.