Who Is Matt Breida? His Height, Weight, Family, Biography, NFL Career

Who Is Matt Breida? His Height, Weight, Family, Biography, NFL Career

Matt Breida is an NFL running back who currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers. The franchise has signed him as a freelancer without a contract in 2017. He previously played college football at Georgia Southern University with the Georgia Southern Eagles football team. Learn more about his biography, his family, and his achievements in the National Football League (NFL).

Biography – Who Is Matt Breida? 

Matt was born on February 28, 1995, in Brandon, Florida. He attended Nature Coast Technical High School in Brooksville, Florida, where he played for the school’s football team – Sharks. After high school, he became involved with Georgia Southern University, where he played college football with the Georgia Southern Eagles College football team.

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In his sophomore year of 2014, he scored 1,485 yards, seventeen touchdowns (17) on one hundred and seventy-one (171) Carries. He also scored 8 receptions over ninety-seven yards (97) and one touchdown. In his rookie season, he stormed to 1,609 yards with seventeen touchdowns at 203 Carries and then three receptions at 3 yards.

Who Is Matt Breida? His Height, Weight, Family, Biography, NFL Career
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As a senior, Matt recorded 646 yards of rushes and 3 touchdowns on 168 carries, eleven (11) receptions over fifty-three (53) yards, and two touchdowns over two touchdowns. Matt Breida has been considered for several national sports awards, including the Doak Walker Award and the Maxwell Award.

Breida was announced as a finalist for the 2016 Senior Class Award because of his commitment to the community through lectures and readings in local elementary schools both in Statesboro, GA, and his hometown, and his achievement in honoring the Georgia Southern Eagles.

Matt Breida NFL Career

The San Francisco 49ers then signed Matt Breida as an undeveloped free agent in May 2017. He began his first service as a replacement for Carlos Hyde. He played his first NFL game against the Carolina Panthers and recorded 4 runs over eleven yards.

Breida averaged 6 Carrids in his first five games, scoring 3.55 per attempt. Later he increased his workload to more than 10 runs in the last five games with an average of 4.5 yards per run as the team ended the year with a winning streak of five games.

Matt Breida then ended his rookie season with 2 stormy touchdowns, 21 receptions, 180 reception yards, and a receiving touchdown.

Meet Matt Breida’s Family

Who Is Matt Breida? His Height, Weight, Family, Biography, NFL Career
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Usually, he is described as a black boy with white parents, but that is less important for the RB, who is so grateful to Terri and Mike Breida, the only parents he knows and the only people who have been with him and by his side since childhood.

The permanently disabled couple adopted Breida just one day after his birth and made him the man he is today and according to Matt, they gave him everything they could, although they didn’t have much. Adoption or no adoption, a family is a family, he sees them as his parents and no matter what happens, despite the different skin colors, they are his mother and father.

The couple married at the age of twenty-five and for ten years they consistently tried to have children of their own. After going through several tests and trying for many years, they gave up and decided to try adoption.

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Mike and Terri went through the entire adoption process, from attending the necessary classes to obtaining the required certificate, and on March 2, 1995, they received a call from their adoption agency informing them of a two-day-old little boy whose single mother already had two children and could not afford to take care of another child-the desperate couple did not hesitate to say yes.

After Matt, the couple adopted another child – Josh, who is two years younger than Matt. Josh wants to know who his mother is, but Matt says the thought never crossed his mind. He is very happy, grateful, and proud to have the Breidas as parents.

And of how the couple became permanently disabled. Mike had a life-threatening case of meningitis that he survived but which disabled him for life. The disease also caused him permanent brain damage, which also affected his memory and his ability to solve problems. In 2003 Mike was in a terrible car accident that left him confined to a wheelchair. In 2006, Terri had an even worse accident that also put her in a wheelchair and left her unable to walk and work.

His Height, Weight

The Running Back is 5 feet (9.2 inches) tall and weighs 200 lb (91 kg). His other body measurements are not known.

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