Who is Nancy Mckeon? Her Net Worth Today, Husband, Children, Facts

Who is Nancy Mckeon? Her Net Worth Today, Husband, Children, Facts

Nancy McKeon is an American actress who became famous mainly for her role as Jo in the NBC television show The Facts of Life from the 1980s. Of all the movies and TV shows she appeared in in the 80s and 90s, most people today will most likely remember her for Facts of Life and its later offshoots.

Who is Nancy Mckeon?

She was born on April 4, 1966, the daughter of parents of white ethnic background and American descent. Nancy is a convinced believer and practices the Christian religion in the Roman Catholic Founding Church. She has gained so much fame in the world of acting, mainly because she started at a very young age, and since then there is no stopping or slowing down for the experienced actress. As old as she is today, she is still very relevant in acting.

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Mckeon began acting at the age of two and got her leading role in 1977; however, at about eleven (11) years of age, she started to work with commercials on television alongside her brother Phillip Mckeon, who is also an actor. She continued to appear in soap operas like The Secret Storm and Another World. Just as she was beginning to get the hang of it, she moved to Los Angeles with her closest family in 1975, which seemed like a setback for her already beginning acting career. The move was made easier by a big role for her brother, who appeared as Tommy Hyatt in the American sitcom Alice.

Who is Nancy Mckeon? Her Net Worth Today, Husband, Children, Facts
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Earlier than expected, she resumed her role in more commercials and successfully completed an act that put her in the spotlight. Nancy McKeon was able to cry on command in a commercial spot discovered by a casting director, who in turn cast her as Jo Polniaczek, who appeared in 1980 in the second season of Facts of Life as Tommy Hyatt in the role of Tommy Hyatt. Nancy found true fame as Jo and performed it well until the series was canceled in 1988.

Building on the fame she gained as Jo, Nancy McKeon has acted as a narrator in many films, most notably among the animated special characters of the ABC weekend, including the role she sang for Scruffy. After “Facts of Life” McKeon was considered for the 1988 television adaptation of the film “Working Girl”, but in the end, Sandra Bullock got the role, although she was largely unknown at the time.

In 1995, Nancy took the bull by the horns when she starred in her own television series Can’t Hurry Love, but that didn’t last as the series was canceled after only one season. She slipped into other smaller roles and performed until 2001 when another major project came up in which she took on the role of Inspector Jinny Exstead in the life-long police drama The Division. This role lasted until 2004, and her real-life pregnancy had to be incorporated into the plot towards the end of the series. Fast forward to 2009, McKeon played the role of Connie Munroe in the Disney Channel original series Sonny with a Chance.

Nancy Mckeon Achievements

For her outstanding work on television and in the films she has starred in, Mckeon won the 1983 award for the best young actress in a film made for television for her role in The Facts of Life Goes to Paris. In 2000 she won the “Audience Award for Best Short Film Drama” for An Awakening, and in 2003 Mckeon was nominated for the Prism Awards for her performance in The Division.

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Nancy Mckeon’s Net Worth Today

In all the years that she has acted both as an actress and as a ventriloquist, McKeon has earned a net worth of about $6 million.

Family – Parents, Brother

Who is Nancy Mckeon? Her Net Worth Today, Husband, Children, Facts
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McKeon’s family members are devout Catholics and had the opportunity to see Pope John II. Her brother Phillip is also an actor, her mother’s name is Baraba Mckeon and her father Don McKeon was a travel agent who supported the film industry and had really high hopes that his children would rise in the industry, so he supported them at every stage of their acting career.

Marc Andrus – Nancy McKeon’s Husband, Children

Nancy’s dating history is very colorful, she was with Michael J. Fox for a while, but the relationship lasted only three years, from 1982 to 1985, before it crashed. She then met up with Michael Damian in 1987, their relationship lasted until 1989 when it came to an end. Soon she moved to Luc Robitaille, but their relationship lasted no longer than a year, they dated from 1990-1991.

She finally found true love when she started dating Marc Andrus in 1993 and finally married him on June 8, 2003, after ten years together and their union produced two beautiful daughters, Aurora, born March 6, 2003, and Harlow, born December 2006. The family lives happily together and there was no information about a divorce or an affair in their home.

Facts about Nancy McKeon

1. Nancy had a fondness for the entertainment industry from childhood and was encouraged by her father.

2. She began acting at the age of two.

3. She has only one brother Phillip McKeon, who is also an actor.

4. Before she married Marc Andrus, Nancy McKeon had lived in four other relationships in the past.

5. She is not an excellent leading actress, so she focuses more on the drama and is a ventriloquist.

6. Nancy is an American with green eyes, which is rare.

7. She has a calm personality and is a very devoted Christian.

8. Little information is known about her mother Baraba McKeon.

9. The experienced actress has won five awards during her time in the entertainment industry.

10. She has body measurements of 34B-28-36 and wears size 8 in shoes.

11. One of her hobbies is traveling. Her favorite places include New York and Los Angeles, but she is not a fan of social media.

12. She is 5.51 feet (1.68 m) tall.

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