He doesn’t leave her side! Singer Madison Beer (24) and TikToker have been together for over three years Nick Austin (22) infatuated with each other! Nick in particular would like to show his fans how crazy he is about his loved one. Last year on her birthday, Nick even congratulated her with sweet words and a kissing photo. But what else does the beauty’s friend actually do besides his TikTok videos?

The blond boy likes to show his passion for golf on social media. in one tik tokvideo from last year he gushed: “The song ‘Golden Hour’ by JVKE makes me think of my favorite pastime.” Apparently, the amateur golfer also has a soft spot for playing poker. Earlier this year, the TikTok star posted Instagram-Video of himself playing on the World Poker Tour and hitting his biggest pot to date.

Nick was initially a member of the “Hype House”, a collective of the biggest TikTok and YouTube stars living together in Los Angeles. However, the influencer explained in one YouTube-Video that he left the circle and thereafter retired from social media for much of 2020 and 2021. “I didn’t know how to reconcile my personal life”confessed the songwriter’s boyfriend.

Source: celebtap.com