Who is Tennessee James Toth, His Parents, and Everything About His Family
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James Toth from Tennessee is the son of the famous Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon and her husband, her talent agent Jim Toth. What do you know about him? Read on to find out things you should know…

Who is Tennessee James Toth?

Tennessee James Toth is the son of Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth. He was born on September 27, 2012, in Los Angeles, California, and his birth sign or horoscope is Libra. Tennessee is his mother’s third child, but his parents’ first child. He was born just one year after their marriage in March 2011. His mother’s other children, Reese Witherspoon, are Ava Elizabeth Phillippe and Deacon Reese Phillippe, who she had in her previous marriage to her Hollywood actor colleague Ryan Phillipe.

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Although the – Tennessee James Toth – is still a child, he has become a celebrated little boy thanks to his parents – especially thanks to his mother’s celebrity status. He is always presented alongside his mother, the actress, in celebrity magazines and tabloids. They have been on the front page of several high-profile tabloids, including People, PopSugar Celebrity, and Us Weekly. Tennessee James Toth is an American citizen and also belongs to the white ethnic group.

Who is Tennessee James Toth, His Parents, and Everything About His Family
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His Parents And Everything To Know About His Family

As already mentioned, James Toth from Tennessee is the first son of Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon. The Hollywood actress has two more children from her former marriage to Ryan Phillipe, who is also an actor. Reese met her ex-husband Ryan as a newcomer to the entertainment industry. It was at her birthday party in March 1997, and the connection was magical. They met the love navel, and soon they started dating.

They dated for about a year before Reese discovered she was pregnant in 1998. It was actually on the set of a movie they (Ryan and Reese) made together – Cruel Intentions (1998) – when she made the discovery. They got engaged in December 1998 and finally married the following year – June 5, 1999 – in South Carolina and welcomed their first child into their marriage. The child, a little girl, Ava Elizabeth Phillipe, was born on September 9, 1999.

Reese became pregnant again during the shooting of one of her leading roles in a film – Vanity Fair (2004). The family had just returned from a vacation when she found out. However, the pregnancy was used during the filming as her character in the film (Becky Sharp) was also pregnant. The family warmed to the expected baby and their first daughter Ava was very excited about the prospect of having a younger sibling.

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Finally, he arrived. The little boy was born on October 23, 2003, and was named Deacon Reese Phillipe. Three years later the gossip magazine Star published a story about Reese who was pregnant with another child. This was not well received by the Oscar-winning actress, as she sued the magazine for libel and won in court. Later that year, in 2006, she announced her separation from her husband Ryan Phillipe, which also marked the end of her 7-year marriage. The experience was devastating for Reese when she filed for divorce in 2007.

Who is Tennessee James Toth, His Parents, and Everything About His Family
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However, she met Jim Toth, a Loyola Marymount University alumni and talent agent, and shortly after their meeting the two began dating in March 2010. After falling in love, the two got engaged the same year – on 28 December – and within three months they said “I do” to each other. They were married in Ojai, California, in a small wedding ceremony attended by friends and family. Reese’s children with her ex-husband Ryan Phillipe play an important role in the wedding. While their daughter Ava served as maid of honor, their son Deacon was the ring bearer.

On September 27, 2012, James Toth from Tennessee joined the family as another member. He is their first child as a couple and also Jim’s first offspring. The family has come to terms well with each other and with a total net worth of 124 million dollars (Jim is estimated at 4 million dollars, while the net worth of his wife Reese is estimated at 120 million dollars).

Born James Joseph Toth, Jim is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University where he studied political science. He is currently a senior talent agent with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He works in the Los Angeles, California office. As a talent agent, Jim has had so many clients within the industry, and some of them include Jamie Foxx, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Scarlet Johannson.