Don’t the Geissens actually own the yacht “Indigo Star”? Since 2011, the everyday life of the rich family around Robert Geiss (59) and his wife Carmen Geiss (57) has been inspiring viewers on German TV. The documentary series shows again and again what luxury life can look like. The yacht of the family of four, on which they always have a good time, plays a not unimportant role. But apparently the family does not own this luxury item.

As the Picture has researched, the 38 meter long ship is probably owned by Ghost Shipping Company SA, which is based in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, the yacht adorns the logo of Roberts fashion brand “Roberto Geissini” and thus ensures a good advertising boost. The 59-year-old is said to own shares in the ship rental company – but it is not known how many there are.

According to their own statements, the family should not lack money. In the OMR Podcast the entrepreneur chatted about his financial means. “I’ve got the 100 million euros. That’s the pension, that’s the basis so that I can still live peacefully at the age of 70.”he revealed – he earned quite a bit of money through his former fashion label Uncle Sam alone.