How does Oliver Pocher (45) think about the whole Iris Peter Yvonne drama? For several months now, shreds have been flying between Iris Klein (55) and Yvonne Woelke (41). The trigger was rumors that Peter Klein (55) is said to have cheated on his wife with the actress. Since then, the two influencers have hardly missed an opportunity to gossip about each other online. Well betrayed Oliver Pocherthat the catfighting is really getting on his nerves.

In an interview with Picture the father of five did not mince his words and pulled the whole situation badly. “It’s a whole new level. I don’t know if I should be grateful or sad for that,” he said. Olli went on to say that every time he thinks he’s read it all, a new juicy story comes to light. “I hope all three get together so they can move into ‘The Stars’ Summer Home,'” he joked. Finally, the 45-year-old had some well-intentioned advice for the trained painter. “I would recommend Peter to stay dressed and have a motion detector on iris to pack so he can always see if she’s there”he described.

A few days ago, the comedian had spoken online about the ongoing headlines about Daniela Katzenberger’s (36) mother. Olli shot sharply at the 55-year-old and accused her, for example, of being “on the mental level of a pubescent 15-year-old” and having “a strong attention deficit”. “Caution: This woman has a hard one on the waffle”he ranted at the time.