Ed Sheeran (32) shares a deep insight into his inner life. The Briton is currently one of the most popular and successful musicians in the world. Songs like “Perfect” or “Shape of You” have been real catchy tunes for years, and the singer regularly inspires audiences on his tours, which are always fully booked. But fame has also left its mark on the redhead: How Ed now revealed that he has been struggling with an eating disorder for years – triggered by the high beauty pressure in the industry!

In an interview with Rolling Stone spoke Ed open about his problem. The trigger for this was the music industry, in which he was constantly compared to other pop stars: “I was on the One Direction wave and I was like, ‘Why don’t I have a six pack? […] All these people have fantastic figures. And I kept thinking, why am I so…fat?” The father of two further reported that the situation had escalated at some point – he had been struggling with bulimia. Today he has the problem largely under control, assured Ed.

In addition to an intensive fitness program, Eds Ms. Cherry Seaborn (30) is a great help to the songwriter in the fight against the disease. The 32-year-old has survived many difficult times with his childhood sweetheart, including the deaths of several friends. After these strokes of fate, it was the mother of his children who advised him to undergo therapy.

Source: celebtap.com