Aaron Carter, a singer, was found dead at his California home four months ago at the age of 34.

She is angry that the police are not investigating his death as a homicide, and believes the photographs of the death scene hold some clues.

While Jane acknowledges that Aaron was a drug addict, she doesn’t believe he wanted to die or that he would sniff enough aerosols to commit suicide.

She shared the images in a Facebook post, along with a caption saying she was still seeking answers about the circumstances of her son’s death.

Jane claims the coroner wrote off Aaron’s death as an accidental drug overdose and that police did not investigate it as a possible crime scene due to his history of addiction.

According to reports, before Aaron’s body was found, police responded to a 911 call reporting that a man had drowned in his bathtub. The photos Jane posted included an image of a bathroom and a bathtub filled with green water.

She also shared an image of crumpled clothing on the bathroom floor next to what appears to be a fecal smear.

Jane’s Facebook post shows her frustration at the lack of investigation into her son’s death. She believes the photos of the death scene contain clues that the police should have followed up on.

While Aaron’s addiction history can’t be ignored, Jane is determined to find out what really happened to her son and hopes that sharing these photos will help shed some light on the situation.

Aaron Carter’s mother, Jane, has shared graphic photos taken at the scene of her son’s death in hopes of getting a real investigation into the circumstances of his death.

She is angry that the police did not investigate his death as a homicide and believes the photos contain clues that could help solve the case.

While Aaron’s addiction history is a factor, Jane is determined to find out what really happened to her son and hopes that sharing these photos will help bring it to an end.

In a recent Facebook post, Jane speculated that her son Aaron’s death may have been a homicide as he had received death threats and many people had made his life miserable.

However, just a month earlier, she had told TMZ that she believed Aaron had died of a drug overdose, citing text messages on his phone that indicated he owed someone $800 for an unknown substance.

Police had found unidentified pills and cans of compressed air in Aaron’s bedroom and bathroom shortly after his death, and determined his cause of death was not drowning, as no water was found in his lungs.

Aaron had checked into rehab a month before his death to try and regain custody of his son, but had struggled with addiction for years and had previously spoken about his addiction to sniffing compressed air, which had led him to more than 100 seizures .

Despite the evidence of drug use, Jane remains convinced there is more to her son’s death and is frustrated that the police have not investigated it as a possible murder.

She hopes the photos she shared of the death scene will provide some leads and help build a real investigation into the circumstances surrounding Aaron’s death.