alyssa reveals their motives. The blonde is currently fighting for the heart of David Jackson alongside other ladies. As a bachelor, he wants to find the woman for life, which has not turned out to be an easy task so far. Because in addition to the bachelor, the entrepreneur also doubts the intentions of some candidates: she had claimed that a participant would like to use the show as a springboard for her TV career. celebrity flash wanted to know from Alyssa why her David withheld this information.

“I have decided to David nothing to say because I didn’t want to influence his decisions”the 36-year-old explained celebrity flash. Alyssa also emphasized that she would act differently in retrospect: “I already regret how I handled it, but it was important to me to finally address the issue officially instead of behind the scenes.”

What is meant is a conversation between Alyssa and another woman who is said to have told her that she wanted to be the new Bachelorette to get fame and attention. In the celebrity flashinterview, Alyssa clarified that she spoke to the said person face-to-face. It is not yet known who it is.