This came after five previous jurors were removed during the six-week trial, and the presence of only one deputy. While Judge Clifton Newman said he did not believe the latter juror had deliberately violated his order that the jury not discuss the case with others, it was clear that the situation needed to be addressed quickly and appropriately.

Finally, after three hours of deliberation, Murdaugh was found guilty of murdering his wife and son. This outcome serves as a reminder to citizens of the justice system’s commitment to ensuring that cases are properly weighed and fairness is maintained – no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Despite only the judge finding that the talks took place, he had no choice but to dismiss the juror, who could have jeopardized the proceedings.

It was reported that Alfredo Murdaugh, 54, faces 30 years to life in prison because on June 7, 2021, he shot his son Paul twice with a shotgun and his wife Maggie four or five times with a shotgun outside dog kennels on their Colleton estate counties.

To avoid tampering with evidence during the trial, it was clear that Judge Newman left no stone unturned in questioning those present when this irregular interaction between juror and parties involved took place.

All parties seem to agree that, regardless of length, any conversation involving evidence should be taken seriously to ensure that justice is served in every case.

Judge Newman spoke back to a juror in the Kenan Gay murder case for their encounters with people who were not on the jury, expressing his displeasure with the handling of the juror’s case by the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division officers assigned to the case were bound.

Defense attorney Dick Harpootlian continued by stating how he agreed with Newman’s decision, but that it was an example of poor investigation and poor handling by law enforcement. This incident has exacerbated an already difficult case for both the prosecution and the defense, leaving everyone questioning whether justice will be served.

Despite having an essentially pleasant conversation with the juror on Thursday, Newman expressed his displeasure with the way state agents handled the juror’s case.

This exchange came after the jury of 12 men and women from Colleton County visited the crime scene and began preparing for closing arguments. With deliberations that will continue all weekend if necessary and an impending financial crimes trial looming, his dismay is understandable.

That said, it’s clear that regardless of the results of this jury’s deliberation, Murdaugh still has a lot ahead of him.