She convinces with singing – and with her hair! Taylor Swift (33) started her “The Eras Tour” a few days ago and her fans are over the moon. As part of her concert series, TayTay not only performed hits like “Blank Space”, but the musician also included some lesser-known fan favorites in the set list. In addition to their choice of songs, their Swifties focus on a completely different topic: Taylor’s Haarpracht offers a show of its own as part of their tour!

Via Twitter the fans of the 33-year-old exchange about the spectacular performance of their hair. Especially during Taylor’s During the performance of the hit “I Knew You Were Trouble” last Saturday, the blonde’s hair stood in all directions due to the use of smoke machines and static charges. A social media user wrote that the singer’s performance was literally “electrifying”. Another comment reads, “Every time she moves it looks like she’s been struck by lightning.”

But even apart from her hair, the pop icon delivers powerfully as part of her “The Eras Tour”. In fact, the “Bad Blood” hitmaker performs for well over three hours per concert and sings more than 40 songs on each show. The musician seems to be trying to fit each of her musical eras into a single performance.