Julian Zietlow knows no taboos! The fitness influencer has been with his wife since he was a teenager Alina Schulte in the courtyard together. The two later became the proud parents of two daughters. But family happiness came to an abrupt end when Julian fled in July 2022. A few weeks ago, the influencer came back and revealed that he had joined a cult in Thailand that advocates drugs. A short time later he shared wild kissing videos with his new girlfriend Kate. Now Julian caused further outrage with a taboo sex talk.

The fitness influencer chatted with his new girlfriend Kate, his buddy Luca and a woman named Sara on the podcast “lick her ass” on topics such as erect penises, STDs and sex. Julian also spoke in detail about the first time with his girlfriend. “Because she was so far out of my league I thought I had to do something special”he explained and revealed that he let his tongue wander in very specific areas of the body.

Fans seem shocked by the video. In the comments, one user wrote, “Drugs and sex have become more important to you than being a good, present father.” Another commented, clearly angry: “Old Julian, you had all the doors in the world open and you almost couldn’t lose. And yet you managed to screw it up completely.”

Source: celebtap.com