Is her son left alone? Jasmin Tawil (40) is a German actress. She was in a relationship with musician Adel Tawil (44) for 13 years until they separated in 2014. In the summer of 2019, Jasmin gave birth to a son and lived with him in Costa Rica. But then the shock: At the beginning of the year, the actress was arrested because she had repeatedly come into conflict with the law. Her son Ocean came into the home. Now Jasmin should return to Germany without her son and go into therapy there!

Loud Picture the mother was arrested because of several complaints and taken to a psychiatric clinic, and a short time later her son was taken away from her. “It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced,” said the 40-year-old. Jasmin doesn’t know in which children’s home her son was placed, but the authorities suggested a deal to her: She should return to Germany and start therapy there immediately. Then her son could follow later.

According to insider information, a friend of hers, a German psychologist, offered her help and guaranteed Jasmin a place in therapy at her facility. Her father, Michael Weber, would become the guardian of his daughter and her son and would thus have the right to determine the child’s place of residence. This would create a situation in which the authorities would release Son Ocean again.