Wincent Weiss (30) gives very private insights! The singer is actually known for keeping his private life largely out of the public eye. But then in June 2022 the sweet news: The “Feuerwerk” interpreter is actually taken. At a concert he confirmed this to his fans. He hasn’t revealed many other details about it so far – but now he’s divulging: Wincent wants to start his own family!

In conversation with Colorful he explains what family really means to him. Vincent emphasizes that it is not a place, but the people who are close to him. He can also imagine his own children: “I wish I had a family. I’m 30 years old, so the thought just comes up.” Nevertheless, he does not want to give up his current turbulent life as a musician.

“I hope that I never really and forever arrive somewhere and that I will always be somewhere on the way”leads Vincent out of. Apparently, the most important thing for the 30-year-old is to simply have his loved ones around – no matter where he is.