What did Serkan Yavuz (30) do there? Actually, the Bachelor in Paradise has a regular family life. Together with his show friend Samira Klampfl (29), he has a daughter who will soon be celebrating her first birthday. He seemed to have found his great love in the influencer – the two devote themselves to touching words again and again on the Internet. But new photos raise questions: Has Serkan flirted with someone else?

celebrity flash There are photos of the former Bachelorette participant hugging an unknown person and kissing her on the cheek. The whole thing is said to have happened in a Regensburg nightclub. A witness reports: “I asked his colleague what Samira would probably say to that and he was like: ‘What she doesn’t know doesn’t bother her.'”

Had at Battle of the Reality Stars Serkan his love for Samira still sweetly defended. After viewers voted that they suspect he likes stupid women, the 30-year-old fumed: “[Ich habe] with Samira a super educated woman by my side, educated enough for both of us together – enough for both of us.”

Source: celebtap.com