Will Anna Heiser (32) return home at some point? Born in Poland, she fell in love with Gerald Heiser at Bauer sucht Frau in 2017: she even emigrated to Namibia for her Mr. Right at the time. In the meantime, the couple has already welcomed two children – son Leon and daughter Alina – to the African country. But can ann imagine a life in Europe in the future?

“For gerald it is out of the question at all. I’ve now gotten used to life in Namibia and feel comfortable here in our ‘farm bubble’ – far away from wars et cetera”the mother of two now emphasizes in her Instagram-Story. A move back home includes ann but apparently not completely. “However, if life circumstances forced us to do so, I would of course move to Europe,” she adds.

Nevertheless, saying goodbye to loved ones after visits is always very hard for her ann. In February, for example, she spoke up in tears on the Internet after taking her parents to the airport. “The farewells are always so brutal”she cried at the time.

Source: celebtap.com