What is he up to? Julian Zietlow has been causing outrage for months with his dubious posts about his life in a Thai sect. With all the wild sex talk and footage of his drug trips, the former sports influencer seemed to give little thought to his two children and wife Alina Schulte in the courtyard to waste. The web star has been back in Germany for a few weeks and has now shared unexpected news: Julian is on his way to his family – but he is not alone.

“Nothing can stop me,” wrote Julian Instagram under his selfie from the plane. The children’s emojis under the post suggested that the influencer is on his way to his family. And indeed: A few hours later Julian showed up in his Instagram-Story from Dubai. The place where his family is currently vacationing. But the father of two is not alone: ​​his cult friends are also there!

The fans are outraged by the action of the influencer. Under his post, a follower wrote, clearly angry: “The poor children really. Leave Alina alone. You’ve decided to go this route, then you have to bear the consequences.” Another user was concerned: “Please stop this psycho shit! Horror! It kind of scares you.”

Source: celebtap.com