Christina Luft (33) finally has time to relax again! The professional dancer is currently fighting with Ali Güngörmüs (46) on “Let’s Dance” for the title “Dancing Star 2023”. Due to the hard and regular training sessions, the athlete has not been with her fiancé Luca Hänni (28) in Switzerland for a long time. Drives during the Easter break Christina finally home again!

“I love my job very much, but rarely have I almost jumped on the train with tears in my eyes. I haven’t been home for two months now, haven’t slept in my own bed or been able to repack my things.”reported the ballroom dancer Instagram. She’s really looking forward to hers Luca, to see the progress of their house construction, to cook and finally to sleep in again. They have this break and also Ali probably sorely needed. Christina added: “Your nerves are on edge after so many weeks and every step just makes a mess in your head!” In addition to her honest words, the 33-year-old also shared a happy selfie from the train.

In her story reports Christina finally out of the car back with her fans, and of course her partner Luca shouldn’t be missing either! “I’m just crying with joy these days. It’s the first time I’ve been back in the house. It’s just overwhelming”, she enthuses. Because it turned out to be much nicer than she had dreamed of.