Johnny Depp (59) is back. After the scandalous trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard (37), the Hollywood star withdrew a little from the public. However, he was in front of the camera and played, among other things, King Louis XV. in the film “Jeanne du Barry”. The history strip should now even open the film festival in Cannes. And celebrated there johnny now making his comeback on the red carpet.

About a year after the court case stands johnny back on the red carpet. He posed for photographers with his co-stars and seemed in good spirits. How much this performance meant to him became clear at the latest when he even cried. Before his film was allowed to open the festival, there was a standing ovation for him. How among other things Variety reported, the recognition even moved the actor to tears. in one Video he wiped his eyes with a happy laugh and a gesture of thanks.

Suitable for the occasion, Johnny chose an elegant look that gave him a self-confident aura. However, he retained a few details of his somewhat bold pirate look, which fans may still know from earlier times. There was a silver ring on almost every finger. His hair was tied in a ponytail and his eyes were briefly covered by cool sunglasses.