Peter Klein (56) brings light into the darkness! The influencer was married to Iris Klein (55) for over 20 years – then the shock: he is said to have cheated on her with actress Yvonne Woelke (41). The two vehemently deny having an affair. However, the fitness fan has already admitted to having fallen in love with the blonde. Recently, the two have been seen together more often. Waited at a sausage stand Yvonne and Peter together on their currywurst – But what is behind this culinary meeting?

Across from Picture clears Peter on: “I was in Berlin, we also saw each other briefly – and to say goodbye I ate a currywurst with her. She then took the train to her sister, I drove to North Rhine-Westphalia by car.” Since the pictures appeared shortly after his birthday, fans speculated that he and Yvonne could have spent the day together.

“The photo was taken before my birthday”emphasizes the 56-year-old. Peter then celebrated his birthday small – apparently without Yvonne. However, the latter posted a soulful performance of the song “Happy Birthday” – of all things peters day of honor But then she explained that her mother’s birthday and her performance was meant for her.