It’s small consolation for Kelsey Parker. In March last year, the British woman had to cope with a heavy loss: her husband Tom Parker (✝33) died of a brain tumor. The The Wanted star is also survived by a daughter and a son alongside his partner. The mother of two always spoke openly about the death of her husband. It has now been revealed that Tom was able to leave a small inheritance to his family after his death.

Loud Daily Mail the singer could not write a will before his death. Nonetheless, he left Kelsey the equivalent of around 79,900 euros. Since there is no document about his last will, he left toms property to his rightful executor, who is his widow. A gross value of around EUR 953,000 was found in his estate, after deducting liabilities, debts, funeral expenses and mortgages, the total came to around EUR 80,000.

At toms first anniversary of death Kelsey emotional words to her great love. Via Instagram she had one Picture of yourself and Tom divided. “A year without you. You are my soulmate forever!”she wrote under the recording.