She’s vacationing without her baby! Loredana Wollny (19) became known throughout Germany through the RTL2 reality show Die Wollnys. The show has been following the turbulent life of the extended family for many years. The youngest of the family is now engaged to her boyfriend Servet and has been the proud mother of a little son for a few weeks. But now Loredana and Servet flew on vacation without their 13-week-old baby.

“Servet and I spontaneously flew to Istanbul today,” reports the 18-year-old in her Instagram-Story. However, the two did not take their son Aurelio with them – he is in the care of Grandma Silvia Wollny. “Aurelio is with grandma,” explains the reality star. Loredana would like to tell her fans what the Istanbul trip is all about in the coming days. So far she has only said: “I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited to see what’s to come.”

The reality star gave birth to her first child just before Christmas. Son Aurelio couldn’t wait to meet both of his parents because he was four weeks early. After the birth, there was radio silence on the network. In a question and answer session, the new mom gave an insight into life with a baby: “Sometimes it’s a lot, but I love doing everything and I really enjoy it.”