What happened? Marteria (40) regularly storms the country’s biggest stages and celebrates great success with his music. But he also has a quiet side: on the one hand he has the blatant party life, on the other hand he loves nature and is passionate about fishing. Marten Laciny, as the rapper’s real name is, is now in trouble: He was arrested in the US.

After Mirror-Information was Marteria briefly arrested on March 30 in North Carolina, USA. The rapper is accused of assault – he is said to have choked a woman. Shortly after his arrest, the German artist was released on bail of $5,000.

The allegations are based on the information provided by the alleged victim, so far there is no further evidence against the “Purple Clouds” interpreter. According to the police file, the hearing for the 40-year-old is scheduled for April 18, 2023. The rapper himself has not yet commented on the incident.

Source: celebtap.com