Jannik Kontalis comments on Yeliz Kocs (29) allegations. Yesterday, the influencer suddenly accused her friend online of cheating on her and of using her for reach. She also shared numerous screenshots of messages from fans to confirm this. She also accused the TikToker of living at her expense and not paying her rent. That’s it Janniks It’s all very different from a perspective…

In his statement video Instagram he addresses the allegations. at the beginning of the relationship Jannik Yeliz often asked if he should officially move in with her – but she always said he should wait until the show Make Love, Fake Love was broadcast: “I thought, okay, then I won’t ask anymore. Bad luck. Then we won’t move in together, then we’ll just wait – whatever.” The influencer has with Yeliz’ new apartment had nothing to do and also knew nothing about the rental price. “That was never discussed with me. That means it’s her own apartment. I don’t own a single part of the apartment,” he clarifies.

Jannik I still have a life in Düsseldorf, where he pays rent for his home and his company premises – he also brought the car into the relationship: “The costs continue even though I’m not there. […] They never spoke to me about it.” The video producer also drove his ex everywhere without charging gas costs.

Source: celebtap.com