What does he say to that? Max Bornmann and Yeliz Koc (29) met on this year’s Make Love, Fake Love season. There the hottie and the influencer had bonded with each other. Ultimately was Yeliz‘ However, the decision in the final fell on Jannik Kontalis – with whom she also entered into a relationship after the show. After a brief separation including a public mud fight, the two are now a couple again. But what is Max’s opinion on the drama?

“What I can say about the whole situation is that it was all a long time ago and I don’t see myself in a position to judge a stranger’s relationship.”he writes in his Instagram-Story. He didn’t think he would still play a role in the relationship after such a long time. “Of course, I wish them both the best,” says Max. There’s nothing more to say about it.

After Yeliz and Janniks After their separation, the two exchanged blows – the brunette accused the TikToker of cheating and not paying rent, for example. A few days ago there was an update: The quarreling couple spoke out. And the love comeback was not long in coming: The two influencers have been officially back together since Wednesday.

Source: celebtap.com