The fans unleash their anger! The reality stars Yeliz Koc (29) and Jannik Kontalis got to know and love each other in the dome show Make Love, Fake Love. A seemingly perfect relationship was followed by a public mud fight, because the hottie cheated on his trip to Berlin after a heated argument. After days of radio silence, now the shock: Yeliz and Jannik are a couple again. The fans only understand the station and are angry.

Under the reunion post on Instagram the fans of the two don’t mince their words. “You’re such an attention-getting clown,” commented a follower, visibly angry. Another user writes: “How can you embarrass yourself so blatantly. If you were a 15-year-old teenager, okay, but that’s not possible.” Only a few wish Yeliz and Jannik all the best and are happy for the former dream couple.

Yeliz and Jannik recently announced that they had spoken out after the public exchange of blows. “We take our time to process everything,” said the hottie online. However, the reactions of the fans show that hardly anyone expected a comeback.