Yeliz Koc (29) is bursting! At Make Love, Fake Love, the influencer met and fell in love with her new partner Jannik Kontalis. There had been hostilities between some candidates in the last few days – among other things, Luisa, the ex-girlfriend of participant Max Bornmann, had teased Yeliz. The situation between reality TV fame and her ex Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (31) was said to have been mentioned. For Yeliz a no go!

Together with two other women, Luisa had made a live stream and allegedly also over Yeliz spoken. That made the brunette angry yesterday: “Can’t sleep with anger. Should they be happy to do their children’s stream, but what do they think of jimito speak to my daughter and I?” she ranted in hers Instagram-Story. Today she went into more detail: Not Luisa, but another participant in the stream, probably spread untruths: “She said, […] she knows Jimi so well and so many meetings have been arranged for him to see Snow and I would cancel all the appointments every time and would prevent that jimi sees his daughter.”

That is absolutely not the case, she stressed. “I love my child more than anything and want her to be happy in every way and grow up contented. I would never prevent if jimi wants to see Snow”she made clear and added that her door was always open.