Jannik Kontalis finally takes a stand! The hottie and Yeliz Koc (29) met on Make Love, Fake Love – and left the show together as a couple. But in the past few days, rumors have been circulating that the two TV stars are in a love crisis. Yeliz finally commented and accused him of cheating on her. Well there too Jannik made a statement on the allegations – and at the same time confirmed the separation!

“Rumors are published here without first talking to me about it. She doesn’t even know if that’s true and wants to harm me directly without hesitation!”he accuses the influencer in his Instagram-Story. Yeliz ended the relationship at 6:03pm yesterday, deleted all pics and unfollowed him. “I’m not going to say much on the subject today because it’s all too stupid for me now,” explains Jannik continues, but makes it clear: “There are always two sides of a coin!”

Yeliz shared messages from fans revealing that the hottie allegedly cheated on her. “I won’t say more about it,” the beauty clarified. Another follower wrote Yeliz apparently that Jannik allegedly already flirty on the road in August. “After the final he was in Ibiza for two or three days. So he was like that from the start and everything was just fake.”stressed Yeliz further.

Source: celebtap.com