Is Iris Klein’s (55) alleged new admirer also taken? After the separation from Peter Klein (55), the former reality star actress had announced that she was back in dating fever. Just a few days ago, she shared a picture with Jan Schick online and indicated that she was on a date with the Hugh Jackman double. However, he quickly denied the rumors and assured that he was taken. Now the TV celebrity is said to be enjoying her third date with a new man. It appears to be golf instructors Olaf Moehle to act. But it looks like Iris’ new flirt is already in safe hands!

On the Instagramaccount of a woman named Nadine is a unique couple photo with Olaf to find that was only shared in February. It shows how the young woman lovingly puts her arm around the alleged lover of the 55-year-old. The fact that the two are lovers is also made clear by the comments under the shared selfie. “Sugar” or “Well, if you don’t look good, then I don’t know either”, it says next to numerous heart emojis under the pic.

The former Celebrity Big Brother participant Jörg Dahlmann (64) also seems to know the two better. “Great couple,” is the comment from the sports presenter. The alleged partner of Olaf then thanks the friendly comment of the 64-year-old and thus confirms the relationship.