Yvonne Payne Biography, Profile and Facts About Charles Payne’s Wife
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The lesser-known Yvonne Payne is an American celebrity, mainly because she is the wife of Charles Payne. Charles is a famous media personality, published as an author and one of the prominent faces in the Fox Business Network, where he moderates the network’s “Make Money” program. He attracted a lot of attention in 2015 after he became involved in a saga of sexual misconduct with a former Fox employee, Scottie Nell Hughes.

Although the media star denied the allegations that Hughes had made against him, he also admitted to having had a secret affair with Hughes for three years until 2015, when the cat was let out of the bag. While the investigation was ongoing, much attention was drawn to Charles’ wife Yvonne, to whom the TV presenter apologized warmly for his misdeeds. However, after a series of investigations, Charles was called back to Fox Business in 2017 and has since opened a new chapter for his wife.

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Interestingly, the relationship between Yvonne Payne and Charles has grown closer and closer ever since. Although there are so many people who would like to take a look at Yvonne’s life, we have taken some time out to gather everything you need to know about the famous TV star’s wife. Below you will find everything you need to know about Yvonne’s biography, her profile, and other facts.

Yvonne Payne – Biography & Profile

Charles Payne’s wife, Yvonne Payne, was born Yvonne Ammirati on April 24, 1958. She came from an American family and grew up in the United States. However, there is a lack of information about her family background, her parents and siblings, and her childhood experiences. This is due to Yvonne’s mysterious nature; she has never given personal information about her to the media. Although she is married to a media star, she has managed to keep every little detail about her under wraps.

As for her educational background, Yvonne has never revealed any information about her qualifications or the institutions she has attended. However, a mere look at her would show that she is a well-educated woman. Since there are not many details about her educational background, it will be difficult to tell exactly what she does for a living. Obviously, she has not had a career in the performing arts, otherwise, she would at least have become known for her craft.

Yvonne came into the limelight after establishing a relationship with the talented television presenter and author Charles Payne. Although it is not known when and how the duo began their relationship, their lifelong commitment began with the exchange of vows in 2004.

Husband and Children

As mentioned above, Yvonne Payne was the longtime partner of the anchor of Fox Business, Charles Payne. Charles is an African-American television star; born in the United States on September 15, 1960; a graduate of Minot State University and Central Texas College. He was short-listed for the United States Air Force in 1977 at the age of 17. After working as a security guard at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota for several years, Charles began his journalistic career in 1985.

He first worked as a financial analyst for a Wall Street-based brokerage firm, E.F. Hutton. After spending several years with the firm, Charles founded his own company called Wall Street Strategies, becoming its principal financial analyst. In 2007 he also joined the mainstream network Fox News Network as a speaker. As a member of the business and financial news team, Charles Hutton has hosted the network’s “Making Money with Charles Payne” program to this day.

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Charles and his better half, Yvonne Payne, met several years ago and have been together ever since. There are not many details about how they met and when exactly their relationship began. However, we do know that they exchanged their marriage vows in 2004. The couple has two children, a son named Charles Jr (born 1996) and a daughter, Cherie (born 1985). Although their relationship has not been so rosy, the couple has managed to keep the flames alive and they have been together for over a decade, and the trend is growing. They currently live in New Jersey, United States.

Other Facts About Charles Payne Wife

1. Yvonne Payne suffered from chronic heart disease, which led to a heart transplant in October 2012. The heart is said to have been donated by a close friend whose daughter died.

2. Her husband Charles was involved in some controversy, with the most recent allegation of sexual assault coming from another Fox Network employee, Scottie Nell Hughes, in 2015

3. Charles was suspended by Fox in 2015 on sexual assault allegations and, according to the investigations, was reinstated in 2017.

4. While Yvonne Payne’s relationship with Charles continues, it may interest you to know that they both have two grandchildren.

5. There is no information about their assets. However, her husband’s wealth has been estimated at $10 million.