Zachary Gordon Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Family Life

Zachary Gordon Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Family Life

Zachary Gordon has been nominated three times for the Young Artist Award and the Best Leading Young Actor Award. He is famous for the role of Greg Heffley in the first three films of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. The young actor is of American nationality and began his professional acting career at a tender age.

Zachary Gordon Biography, Age

Zachary Adam Gordon was born on 15 February 1998 in Oak Park, California. His parents are Linda and Kenneth Gordon. He grew up in Southern California. He attended a public high school in Oak Park, California, and is currently attending a private university called Chapman University in Orange, California. Zach Gordon currently weighs 74 kg and has dark brown eyes, black hair, and a well-built body with a slim appearance. There is little information about his private life, we believe it is his desire.

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Family Life

What we know about his family is that his mother is Linda Gordon and his father Kenneth Gordon and he has two brothers named Kyle and Josh Gordon. Although it is unclear what his brothers are doing now, we hope to hear from one or both of them in the future.

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Acting Career

Zachary Gordon officially began his acting career in 2007, and within the first year (2007-2008) he appeared in films such as Garry Marshall’s film Georgia Rule, in which he played the lead role of Ethan and later won the Young Artist Award for his tremendous effort in portraying the Ethan character. He also appeared in The Brothers Bloom, where he played the role of Young Bloom. Zachary was also featured in National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007), where he played the role of the Lincoln Conspiracy Kid alongside one of Hollywood’s best actors, Nicolas Cage. In 2008 Zachary also played roles in Four Christmases and Lower Learning, where he appeared as Frankie Fowler.

By 2018 Zachary Gordon has starred in over 17 films. Among the films, he has starred in are The Boxcar Children, Yellowbird, and Pete’s Christmas, where he played the role of Pete Kidder. Pete’s Christmas was released in 2013, while The Boxcar Children and Yellowbird were released in 2014. In 2014 Zachary played the role of Andrew in Last Man Standing and in 2012 he sang a character in Family Guy. However, these are only a handful of his works and performances. Zachary has also been involved in television shows such as Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, and How I Met Your Mother and all of us.

Dead of Summer, the Last Man Standing and Family Guy are some of his most recent works. The former showed Zachary Gordon as a blotter in 2016, and his most recent works include Star Wars Rebel, The Good Doctor, and The Gettysburg Address.

Zachary Gordon Net Worth

The value of Gordon is estimated at over $2 million. This is undoubtedly due to his outstanding achievements during his successful career.

Who is his Girlfriend?

Zachary Gordon was one of those who talked about his relationship is very private terms. In 2013 there were rumors that he was dating Bailee Madison, but it seems that this was more fake information. Zachary was also seen in an interview photo with Joey King on her birthday, and believe me, they look good together. It’s still unclear what their actual relationship is.

Zachary Gordon Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Family Life
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More On Zachary Gordon

Gordon also has a number of voice-over credits in his name. One of these speakers is the voice of “Brad Spolyt” in The Chubbchubbs Save Xmas. The voice of “Ricky Garcia” in Project Gilroy, the voice of “Young Melman” in the cartoon comedy Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. He is also behind the voice of Gil in “Bubble Guppies” by Nickelodeon.

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Gordon has experience as YouTube-Vlogger. In 2013, he was commissioned by the major game brand Nintendo to host a mini-series called Skylanders Boomcast on YouTube. His job was to create a YouTube channel where he would discuss the Skylanders video game and talk about everything there was to know about the video game series. The YouTube channel had a huge number of subscribers, thanks to Gordon.

In 2008, 2011, and 2013, Zachary received numerous awards when he won the Young Artist Award in the respective years. Zachary’s Instagram account (@zacharygordon) has over 183,000 followers, and most of his contributions receive up to 19,000 or more Likes each. He also has an active Twitter account with over 100,000 followers on his account.


Zachary Gordon has quite an attractive bodybuild. The actor is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and currently weighs 74 kg.

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